Safaa Sindi


Sustainability Decision making model

This decision making model can help the automotive industry as it’s generically tailored to serve as a step by step thought process.

Which emissions should be measured? What freight should be included in the emissions calculations? Would freight volume matter in the case of trains and road modes? Any shipments between sub suppliers in the case of parts or half finished goods that need re-location? Packaging deliveries in the case of the cargo needs to be covered, containerized or without cover/packaging requirements? e.g. currently the car industry is moving towards transporting covered vehicles to ensure the vehicles do not encounter any damage especially with rising rates of vandalism on train routs. Repositioning from one plant to the other? Transhipment? Intramodel? Or any externalities that would affect the transportation and invoke a strategic change? All these factors must be accounted for when a firm uses the decision model.